Project Partners

Associação para o Desenvolvimento das Comunidades Locais (ADCL)

A Associação para o Desenvolvimento das Comunidades Locais (ADCL) is a private non-profit institution (IPSS) established in 1994, based in S. Torcato, a Guimarães village.

Its priority area of intervention is the municipality of Guimarães. Its mission is to “Cooperate with local communities in their integrated and sustained development, seeking to improve the living conditions of the population, both individually and collectively, with a view to promoting citizenship and social inclusion.”

Its vision is to grow in the promotion of social inclusion and active citizenship as an innovative reference organization recognized for professional integrity and ethics, based on the fundamental principle that people are the subjects of their social development.

The Institution is structured in different capacities and multiple projects, characterized by a geographically dispersed intervention, ADCL has as its central and transversal axis the concern with personal and social development, the promotion of education for citizenship and the incentive to the participation and automatization of the public with which it intervenes. Its methodological orientation is developed from the perspective of the construction of actions and projects based on the needs felt on the ground, through a research work and the perception of needs. The projects are built on a logic of participation and action research, seeking the construction of adjusted and reflected practices, in consonance with the target audiences.

The work carried out by ADCL is largely directed at socially disadvantaged publics, in situations of social risk / exclusion, seeking to develop integrated responses to the problems they face, intervening at the level of 1) formal education / training and non-formal; 2) social intervention and accompaniment, community animation and cultural promotion.

Italian Centre for Permanent Learning (CIAPE)

CIAPE is the Italian Centre for Permanent Learning, a non profit private organisation. It is based in Rome (Italy) and is an Association of Learners to promote the development of a learning society through the provision of a quality and comprehensive system of adult learning and education which is accessible to and inclusive of all.

CIAPE is the transnational coordinator of the “Quality Apprenticeship European Network”, a network involving businesses and VET organisations from 20 different countries in a European Network for the certification of learning outcomes deriving from apprenticeships experiences. CIAPE is also a member of the CEDEFOP “European Qualifications Framework – Credit Transfer In VET” and of the “Quality Assurance in VET” communities.

It implements research and training activities aimed at the development and validation of transversal skills as well as of the new skills required by the labour market.

CIAPE proposes innovative and effective solutions suiting to the new socio-economic situation. The key-words: self-fulfilment, occupability, professional adaptability, active citizenship and social inclusion.


ed-consult is a leading consultancy in education and training with a focus on promoting sustainable development in rural regions. In the last 19 years areas of activity ed-consult has been designing eLearning venues, methodologies and has been facilitating collaborative learning online and onsite. Furthermore, ed-consult has been involved in the development, management, and implementation of European projects, mainly in the areas of natural and cultural heritage, cleantech, and renewable energy, and sustainable tourism (Framework programmes, Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus+Interreg, ESF, European Globalisation Adjustment Fund).

ed-consult has been actively involved in promoting rural development, organic tourism, healthy living and entrepreneurship. They have initiated landscape maintenance activities with sheep, cultural heritage activities, involving European mobility learners as well as exchange visits for rural citizens in cooperation with museums, the Nature Authorities and other public and private partners.

Further competencies: Evaluation, monitoring, and impact assessments of projects, programmes, and policy networks, mainly on behalf of the European Commission (recent actions: EPALE, Agenda for Adult Learning, Social Inclusion, New Sector Skills Alliances, EURES).

The owner, Jolande Leinenbach, is certified in using Lego® Serious Play® methodologies to facilitate and promote innovation, design thinking, business modelling and creation, and agile and change management, empathy.

Poleski Art centre

Poleski Art centre has 5 branches working in different fields of art and culture, with different target groups. We promote experiments and laboratory work in the field of theatre, dance, literature and fine arts. We dedicate people with disabilities a prestigious international festival of therapy and theatre. We offer a diverse cultural offer addressed to seniors and create conditions for the artistic debuts of both adults and children.

1. POS – main branch: non-formal education through culture, aesthetic and artistic education for adults and youngsters, international projects, dissemination of art and culture, etc.

2. Szwalnia Theatre – theatre and workshop place, linking many different types of art activities. Aimed mostly at youngsters and young adults to activate, integrate and educate them (here we also work with excluded people: refugees, immigrants, people living in poverty, etc.)

3. Karolew – The Center of Active Seniors – a wide range of activities for 60+: dance, theatrical activities and workshops, music therapy, handicraft workshops, computer and English classes.

4. Punkt Odbioru Sztuki Gallery: exhibitions of well-known artists and debutants.

5. The folklore dance company: Harnam: teaching the folklore dance, creating events, concerts and performances, taking care of the dance heritage, working with kids, youngsters and adults – also intergenerational.

Our administration centralizes all our activities and works closely with our own highly experienced educators. We also cooperate with many experts in different fields and volunteers.